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All businesses today realize the importance of ecommerce. Every one knows that the online business model is here to stay and grow. The revenue share of online business model in the total business happening is growing at a fast pace. Some of our customers have posted revenues of more than USD 100,000 per annum. All our customers are happy with the solutions provided by us.

Savitr executed more than 60 ecommerce projects of various scope and complexity in the last few months. The following are the few examples from the latest live web sites.


Ilux is an online store selling high end lingerie. The site needed a strong visual appeal to attract its customers. Savitr built an ecommerce engine around the site so that customers could order lingerie online.

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Name and Eddress

Name and eddress is an ecommerce site which deals with sale of domain names. This site offers personalized domain name registration to users.

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Blanket Holler

Blanket holler is a simple but elegantly designed ecommerce application which sells blankets for children online.

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Web Fast Buys

Web fast buys is an online store specializing in online trade of high end electronic items.

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