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Innline Systems is a California based hotel management software company. The company had a legacy software which was developed using VB4, VB5 and VB 6 objects.

The application was used to manage the daily transactions of a hotel which included room billing, restaurant billing, reservations, enquiry and a complete accounting module. The application also had a restaurant menu and room maintenance module.

Savitr was asked to maintain this application, make it robust and upgrade it. The main challenge that we faced was that the application was written by multiple programmers at multiple times using multiple VB objects. There was no documentation what so ever. Further the application was being a VB based application was not accessible for maintenance on the web.



Savitr installed the application on its own server an painstakingly went through the code and prepared first level documentation to identify the code belonging to various modules. Savitr engineers trained themselves on the application in terms of processes and flow of the application to familiarize with the application. After extensive documentation and code walkthroughs Savitr was in a position to fix the bugs of the application. The application was built using vb objects of various versions and our engineers had to re do a lot of code to bring to a uniform standard. We developed multiple versions of the application and maintained them using VSS.As this application was live in many hotels, we had to login to the hotel's system and install our upgrades using remote installation techniques.

Savitr gained considerable experience and developed new processes to manage this situation and the same has been a valuable learning to the organization in terms of handling maintenance of legacy systems.


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