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Nation Exchange is a huge e- hub or exchange which brings buyers and suppliers together. The e hub provides a robust framework for buyers and sellers of various industrial domains to interact and execute transactions. It also provides a framework with interfaces to promote unique identity of each registered supplier and buyer by extreme customization of interfaces and features. Nation exchange's B2B framework provides an e market place for physical goods, offline services, and web based services.

This e- hub can be extended to any vertical industrial domain viz. aeronautics, pharmacy, plastic, steel, domain registration & hosting, software projects, ticketing et al.

The project involved creation of a complete quote management system, project management system, integration with web hosting environments and more. Each of these systems has been customized to provide a unique experience for sellers, buyers and the operating domains.

For physical products the buyers and sellers are provided with categories and a powerful search mechanism. The search mechanism is exhaustive and intelligent. It can spawn multiple searches based on the sentence used, the number of matches and user preferences. The search results are based on advertising options and are displayed accordingly.

Buyers and sellers can exchange RFQs, Quotes and have a private message board for all their discussions. Buyers and Sellers are provided with a comprehensive control panel with rich features to facilitate a customized perspective that spans all domains of the exchange. Presently this hosts over 150 unique vertical industrial domains. For sellers who are interested in upgrading their presence on the exchange, the control panel provides interfaces to define and implement their own unique shop fronts. These discrete shop fronts also facilitate seamless integration into the e hub to support the features offered by it.



Software projects have an built in implementation tool in the form of an online project manager which lets users allocate resources, measure milestones, track bugs etc.

This 3 person year project also features a complete integration with HSphere so that domains and hosting can be set up automatically and also provides one central location for complete account management of all users.

The site has configurable template management with close to 20 template folders and 10 schemas for each template. Savitr was involved in developing various parts of this application. Savitr also was involved in migrating large amounts of data (1GB) from visual fox pro files to MySQL. Issues of integrity, validation, testing and response times were an essential part of this data migration.

The site spanned 3 releases and 50 builds and involved various test procedures spanning functionality testing, integration testing, stress testing and load testing. The site uses six web servers and had to be optimized for load balancing to provide optimal performance for supporting large volumes of traffic. Currently there are close to 50,000 registered suppliers and buyers spanning all vertical industrial domains.

This site exemplifies Savitr strengths in implementing and managing large projects, remote database management, complex data migration and comprehensive testing and quality assurance capabilities.


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