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Photographers.com is a community portal for professional and amateur photographers and buyers of photography. The website provides a comprehensive framework to create and upload exhaustive profiles for photographers including their work to facilitate online trading of photographs. Photographers can provide comprehensive information as part of their profile regarding the specialty domain, multiple places they operate from, distance from the nearest cities. All these parameters are made an inherent part of the search algorithm.

One of the core business features of this portal is the implementation of sophisticated stock photo database. Stock photo database provides specific categories under which contributions from various photographers are sorted and stored. These categories are integrated as part of the interface provided for uploading photographs. Another critical feature provided as part of the upload tool is to enable photographers to store their work in different sizes and aspect ratios. The uploaded photographs are stored in accordance to the specifics provided as part of the upload process. This has been achieved by developing and integrating a plug in interface.

The stock photo database is powered by a feature rich search algorithm whose search results are enhanced to making purchases online. Online purchases are delivered to the buyer in self extractable formats and are available via emails or secure downloads.



The search interface provides both basic and advanced search options. The stock photo database also provides interfaces for buyers to post specific requests for photographs if not available in the database. These requests can be posted on a generic mode or can be addressed to specific photographer(s). All photographers have access to go through the stock photo requests and have interfaces to contact the buyer who made the request. Apart from photographs, this portal supports online buying and trading of all photography related equipment.

The portal in addition offers banner management, multiple advertisement options, forums, chat, online shopping and classifieds for its members. In addition, the web design has also been optimized to support both Windows and Mac based browsers.

Developed in PHP /MySQL the site in its next phases is set to include features similar to www.gettyimages so that it becomes an alternative source for customers looking for stock photographs.



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