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Tuner Market is a premier price comparison shopping destination for all car enthusiasts seeking aftermarket auto parts. Tuner Market helps shoppers find the best products for their needs in the automobile market

Savitr was called upon to design a site which lets users compare automobile parts. The big question in automobile parts is that each automobile has different parts that go with it.

Savitr helped tuner market have a site where a user can set his own car and search and compare for products based on his car.

The site has a distinct retailer module wherein retailers could upload part details in an intuitive fashion using an excel sheet upload. Our application validated the excel sheet and inserted them into the database. Vendors could feature their products and post special products so that they are displayed on the home page. A complete subscription and payment module was developed for vendors.



The site's extensive comparison feature lets user compare products from various vendors and lets them find out details of the vendor closest to them using a store locator. The site further made the job simpler by providing a rating matrix for both products and vendors. The site also provides basic advertisement management.

The site also has a comprehensive admin control panel for user, retailer and product management. Interfaces also have been provided to categorize official and unofficial products.

The site was a careful exercise in database design and optimization query management and managing continuous feature upgrades. Database has been designed to provide a robust framework to support optimized queries for retrieving data from an exhaustive spare parts inventory.

The visual design was provided by the client. The website has been developed using the .NET framework. The site uses SQL Server 2000 and ASP.NET.



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